Virtual Medical Assistant®

Virtual Medical Assistant® is the world’s first truly non-contact patient monitor. It uses a FDA-cleared radar sensor panel to provide cardiorespiratory, patient motion, and bed presence monitoring without the use of electrodes or wires. The sensor panel is simply placed under a patient’s bed to start continuously measuring and displaying critical vital signs. Clinicians can use a variety of mobile devices to interact with the Virtual Medical Assistant and stay connected to their patients. Learn more

Ultra-Wide Band Technology

Our technology solution, which has been certified by the FCC for use in healthcare environments, marries Web 2.0 architecture with IR-UWB. IR-UWB has many advantages. The signal is non-ionizing and its radiated power is orders of magnitude lower than typical cellphone transmissions, making it very safe for continuous use. It is non-interfering, in that its extremely wide bandwidth makes it an extremely weak form of noise relative to other electronic equipment and wireless systems. This makes IR-UWB ideal for radio-frequency-sensitive locales like hospitals. Learn more

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Our Mission

Sensiotec is a Technology Association of Georgia "Top 10" company headquartered at the Advanced Technology Development Center in Midtown Atlanta. Our mission is to bring non-contact patient monitoring to every unmonitored bed in the world. Learn more

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