Virtual Medical Assistant®

Virtual Medical Assistant® is the world’s first truly non-contact patient monitor. It uses a FDA cleared radar sensor panel to provide cardiorespiratory, patient motion and bed or chair presence monitoring without the use of electrodes or wires. The sensor panel is simply placed under a patient’s bed or chair to start continuously measuring and displaying critical vital signs. Clinicians can use a variety of mobile devices to interact with Virtual Medical Assistant® and stay connected to their patients.

Operating at a fraction of the cost of conventional, contact-based monitoring solutions, Virtual Medical Assistant® is designed to analyze large amounts of high resolution cardiorespiratory trend information to detect early signs of clinical deterioration.

Because of its sensitivity and specificity, Virtual Medical Assistant® captures large data sets over long periods of time to identify trends and personalize diagnoses. This holds great promise for population health in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases across the cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal systems.

The system also uses patient motion and bed or chair presence data to provide early warning for patient falls and hospital acquired pressure ulcers.

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